Hong Kong Corporation was seller for the high-pressure water washing machines from the 80's and agents for other famous brand. We have more than 10 years sales and maintenance experience. We absorb italian machine’s advantages and understand the shortcomings. In 2001, we set up the CHINA TEAM CO. Ltd in Jiangmen. The Company order high-quality high-pressure pump from Europe and head back to the domestic assembly. Our products are sold to the world market.

Stone conservation, even..
In recent years, due to the deterioration of the natural environment, dust, industrial waste gas, automobile exhaust gas..
Stone protection product..
(1) Compatibility. The color of the stone to be selected does not affect the product. If wet construction, stone back to..
How to buy stone
At first sight, the surface structure of the stone was visually observed. In general, a uniform fine-grained stone has a..