Stone is a kind of building material used earlier in human history. It is favored by people of various periods for its hard strength and good performance.Stone has written an immortal chapter for the history of world architecture, and the history of architecture is also a history of stone application.

Modern stone industry stone surface processing technology: natural surface, machine cut surface, fire surface, air pressure sandblasting surface, lychee surface, antique surface, matte surface, polished surface and so on, but the traditional process of serious environmental pollution, but also change the stone texture, reflect the color of the stone.

Water World High Pressure Water Spraying Equipment can process different water washing surface, water sandblasting surface and water washing surface on stone surface under high pressure to replace the traditional technology of natural surface, litchi surface, matte surface and fire surface, etc.The stone is processed with no reflection, no discoloration, natural color and exquisite texture, which can better experience the texture and color of the stone structure than the traditional process, and greatly improve the market demand and value of the stone itself.

High pressure water washing surface: using high pressure water flow with different technology nozzle to spray directly on the machine section or raw stone, blasting the crystal structure of stone to form natural effect and color according to the texture of stone itself.

High pressure water sandblasting: the use of high pressure water to mix quartz sand particles, jet from the machine cut surface or the surface of the original stone to present the effect of the surface of the stone, the effect of weathering instantaneous formation.

High pressure water washing:Stone in a sling is the cutting, sand surface, burning surface, litchi surface, natural surface, mushroom surface after various processing, such as after high temperature, the impact of stone material surface, cutting process makes the stone surface abrasive tool and edges and burr, oxide, white color effect, after using different high pressure water jet, restore the color of stone material, feel is exquisite, thereby increasing the value of the stone itself.

WH series of Water World is manual operated model, the pressure range :300 bar to 500 bar, manual operation for stone lines, irregular or some small amount of stone surface processing, can process the process surface: high pressure water blasting surface, high pressure water washing surface effect.It can also be used for high-pressure cleaning after work at the site, and the surface of the material is renovated.WH series models have strong mobility, easy operation and wide use.

Water World WP series models can be used with SW series production lines, the pressure range: 400 bar to 1500 bar, with different pressure host can process different process surface: high pressure water washing, high pressure water blasting and high pressure water washing, mechanical automatic operation can be a long time for the processing of the surface.The effect is uniform, stable and saves labor.