How to choose high pressure water sprayer?

2021-06-09 264

  1. Depending on usage:

  General Jiangmen high-pressure water spray machine can be divided into household and professional use of two. If you use the cleaner for less than 50 hours a year, you only need to buy a household cleaner. The price is cheaper, the weight is lighter, the raw material is simple and heat-resistant. If the time of use is more than 100 hours, we should consider the professional use of Jiangmen high-pressure water sprayer. The volume is large, and the raw materials are copper alloy pump heads, stainless steel valves and other materials. Of course, the price is much higher. So how to choose depends on the needs of consumers.

  2. Depending on hot and cold water demand:

  Jiangmen high pressure water spraying machine field of view meet the requirements, can also be divided into hot water and cold water. Generally, most of them are cold water type, which can be used by injecting water into normal temperature water; However, some business premises need hot water for flushing. At this time, it is necessary to purchase Jiangmen high-pressure water sprayer of hot water type. If the cold water type is used to inject hot water, the internal parts including water pump will be damaged very quickly, and the gain is not worth the loss.

Jiangmen high pressure water spraying machine

  3. Also choose the nozzle:

  Different nozzles have different cleaning effects. For example, the sprinkler head can add cleaning power. Fan nozzle can rotate the sprinkler as low pressure spray (spray soap water) and high pressure fan type water column. Low pressure brush head can discharge low pressure water and gently rinse. Some of these sprinklers will come with free gifts, and some must be purchased by themselves. When purchasing, you should refer to the demand and make a good choice.

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