What should we pay attention to when using water sandblasting machine?

2021-06-09 441

  (1) Jiangmen water sandblasting machine is used to check the body of the high-altitude construction personnel. Only those who are healthy and have no acrophobia can work. When working at height, it is necessary to prevent throwing things, materials and other objects downward. In the process of operation, it is necessary to keep the body upright. A full-time safety officer shall be set up on the ground to supervise the operation process of the construction personnel.

  (2) According to the characteristics of the construction site, the pulley and hanging basket should be used in the high-altitude painting construction, two people in a group, no matter whether people take the pulley or the hanging basket, it is necessary to set up a pair of insurance, choose the rope to control the operation point, and the high-altitude workers need to wear safety belts and anti-skid shoes. According to the annual average wind speed in Foshan area, in case of grade 4 wind force, the construction should be shifted to above ground operation, and in case of grade 6 wind force, the construction should be carried out continuously.

Jiangmen water sandblasting machine

  (3) Before high-altitude operation, workers participating in high-altitude operation should wear safety helmets, safety belts, safety ropes, stay ropes and insulating shoes. Jiangmen water sandblasting machine should check whether the safety things are robust and reliable. All workers participating in high-altitude operation need to hold climbing certificates. In addition, safety nets should be set up in the construction area, and the insurance degree of safety nets, materials and materials should be checked during construction The transmission of machines and tools can only be pulled down or sent down by the rope to prevent high-altitude parabolic. It is necessary for all levels to put safe production on the important agenda, and appoint a comrade who shares the production to be responsible for safe operation. When planning, arranging, checking and summarizing the production, it is necessary to include the content of safe operation, so as to realize the implementation of ideas, arrangements and methods. All levels of safety score and full-time safety inspection and arrangement personnel should be responsible for the education of safe construction and safe production. Arrange safety inspection, assist site construction personnel to select methods, prevent illegal and risky operations, have the right to put forward continuous construction requirements for serious violations of safety operation regulations, and immediately state the superior's handling of construction personnel at all levels, adhere to the principle of production management and safety management, and carefully implement the rules announced by the superior to ensure safe production, Rules and regulations, when reviewing the construction arrangement plan or construction scheme, if there is no safety skill method.

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