How to maintain the high pressure hose of high pressure water spraying machine?

2021-06-09 204

  In the high pressure water jet machine, in addition to the importance of cleaning the hydraulic support, the high-pressure hose used in the machine has attracted people's attention. If it is used and protected correctly, it can use relatively long time, then save money and reduce cost.

  For the high-pressure hose selected by the high-pressure water jet machine, the inner diameter of the high-pressure hose matches the diameter required by the high-pressure pump. If the inner diameter of the selected hose does not match the high-pressure pump, it will affect the normal operation. Damage the high pressure hose early.

  In addition, when selecting high-pressure hose, it should be determined according to the technical parameters of high-pressure pump. According to the parameters of high pressure pump, the hose with matching pressure shall be selected. Do not use methods that exceed the actual pressure. Otherwise, it will affect the use of high-pressure hose. In addition, the ability to select products with higher pressure appropriately makes it easier to extend the service life.

  In addition, when used strictly in accordance with relevant regulations, pipes also play a key role. Do not twist the hose by hand when running the high pressure cleaning equipment. If the high pressure glue is required in the high pressure water jet machine due to the structural needs, the radius of the twists and turns should not be too small or the small visual point can not be zigzag.

  During the operation of high pressure pump equipment, the high-pressure eruption equipment cannot be opened and closed repeatedly, so as to minimize the impact damage caused by the frequent operation of sudden opening and sudden closure. When the pressure hose is not used for a long time, the water inside is discharged, and the hose is twisted and rolled according to the specified size, and then placed horizontally.

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  High pressure hose is the executive part of the high pressure water jet machine. It passes through the pipeline through the high pressure nozzle, and then completes the task of dredging and cleaning the inner wall of the pipeline. I believe that after dredging and cleaning the pipes, many operators have encountered conditions where high pressure hose clamps are not found in the pipes. This situation is sometimes inevitable, especially this year. There are many conditions for long and old cement pipes. In this case, some are hard drawn, and the results are likely to damage or damage the pipeline.

  So, how do we deal with this when the high pressure hose is not available?

  The high-pressure hose extends from the outlet end of the high-pressure pump and rolls it several times by hand. Hold the tube, rotate it several times, then pull it, and the high pressure hose will come out. This method usually pulls the tube out of the tube.

  Secondly, if the high pressure nozzle is stuck in the pipe, it is because the high-pressure hose rotates too much in the pipeline: if the above method is used, it cannot be handled. Screw the high-pressure hose back to the high-pressure pump head. Before turning the pressure off, lower the pressure a little. After turning it over, pull it out by hand and pull it out.

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