Cleaning process of high pressure cleaning machine

2021-06-09 239

  1. After the high-pressure cleaning machine reaches the construction site, place the cleaning machine on the horizontal plane to avoid tilting, and check whether the screws of each part of the cleaning machine are loose.

  2. Connect the power supply and water source to ensure sufficient water supply.

  3. Connect the pipeline, high-pressure hose, high-pressure water gun, foot control valve and high-pressure nozzle. The water inlet pipe and high pressure hose shall not be folded or bent.

  4. Observe whether the lubricating oil at the hydraulic end of the high-pressure pump is at 2 / 3 of the oil window. If the equipment is driven by diesel or gasoline, the oil tank should be filled with diesel or gasoline.

  5. Press the green start button of the electric control box. After about 6-10 seconds, when the start button turns from yellow to green, it indicates that the person holding the high-pressure water gun should hold the switch of the high-pressure water gun to flush the impurities in the high-pressure pipeline out of the pipe. After the flushing, press the stop button to install the nozzle.

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  6. After the installation of the nozzle, start the equipment again, and observe the reading of the pressure gauge at the same time. The 0-extra pressure scale can be adjusted at will.

  7. If the foot control valve is used, put the flexible gun into the pipe and step on the foot control valve after starting.

  8. It should be noted that when using machines above gyb-3, the upper exhaust hole of the filter should be opened until the water flow is continuous and airless.

  9. After the cleaning operation, press the red stop button of the electric control box or turn the drive key switch to the closed state to stop the machine.

  10. When using the high-pressure cleaning machine, remember that the high-pressure water gun is good for people. During the cleaning process, pay attention to the changes of the noise, oscillation, oil temperature, water temperature and pressure of the pump.

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