What's the difference between water sand blasting machine and dry sand blasting machine?

2021-06-09 269

  First of all, let's understand the dry sand blasting. At present, the rust removal method adopted by most enterprises is dry sand blasting. Dry sand blasting is driven by mechanical centrifugal force or compressed air. The abrasive (iron shot or sand) is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece at a high speed through the nozzle, and the dirt and rust layer are removed by the impact force and friction force. The treatment quality is relatively good. But the environmental problem of dry sandblasting has always been a pain point.

  The cost of dry sand blasting rust removal is low, but the dust in the work is large, which pollutes the environment, and seriously endangers the health of the operators. And dry sand blasting rust removal sometimes causes sparks in the work, which can not be used in flammable and explosive places.

Jiangmen water sandblasting machine

  Water sandblasting machine is a combination of water jet and sandblasting technology, which has the environmental protection and explosion-proof characteristics of water jet and the superior rust removal and paint removal effect of sandblasting. It is very suitable for flammable and explosive places, especially in the normal operation of oil storage tanks.

  The water sandblasting machine belongs to pure physical cleaning. When it is used, it only needs to connect the power supply and water source, and does not need to add any chemicals. It is a high-tech product advocated by green environmental protection countries. In general, Xiaobian recommends using water sandblasting for rust removal. Although the price is lower than that of dry sandblasting, water sandblasting is more environmentally friendly and safer.

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